Nebraska’s Legislature Raises Tobacco Purchasing Age to 21-Years-Old, Bill Awaits Governor’s Signature (Update)

The minimum age to purchase and possess tobacco products in Nebraska will likely soon be 21-years-old, as the state’s legislature has approved LB 1064 by a...
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Nebraska Raises Tobacco Purchasing Age to 19 Today

While Nebraska hasn’t yet joined the Tobacco 21 movement, it is still raising the minimum age to purchase tobacco, increasing it from 18 to 19-years-old...
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Omaha, Neb. Extends Tobacco Tax Indefinitely

Since 2013, smokers in Omaha have been paying an additional three percent tax on their tobacco. While that tax had a sunset clause of 2022,...
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Nebraska Legislature Considers Increasing Tobacco Purchasing Age to 19

While many states are considering increasing their tobacco purchasing age from 18 to 21, the Nebraska legislature is currently taking up legislation that would increase the...
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Nebraska Cigar Tax Would Triple Under Proposed Bill

A bill in the Nebraska Legislature is seeking to more than triple the state’s tobacco tax—including the one levied on cigars—from 20 percent of the...
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Nebraska Legislator Proposes Capping State’s Cigar Tax at 50 Cents

While Nebraska doesn’t have a truly oppressive tobacco tax, one state legislator is looking to drive down the cost of cigars in the state by...
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Box Butte County, Neb. Makes County Grounds Tobacco-Free

A rural county in Nebraska has decided to make all of its grounds tobacco and smoke free as of May 1. “We feel it is...
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Competing Tobacco Tax Bills Introduced in Nebraska

A pair of bills have been introduced into the Nebraska Legislature that could have significant impacts on the cost of cigars this year. Currently, the...
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Greenwood, Neb. Bans Smoking in Parks

In an effort to protect children while at play, the town of Greenwood, Neb. has enacted a complete smoking ban within its parks. The use...
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Nebraska Legislature Gets Competing Cigar Tax Proposals

Nebraska’s cigar tax could see some changes this legislative session as one bill seeks to more than triple it, while another seeks to place a cap...
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Nebraska Legislator Introduces Bill to Raise Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

A Nebraska state senator has introduced a bill that would make the sale of tobacco products to persons under 21-years-age illegal, as well as their possession...
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