Napa County (Calif.)

Napa, Calif. Passes First Reading of Flavored Tobacco Ban, Parks Smoking Ban

This week, the Napa City Council passed the first reading of an agenda item that will reform a number of aspects of tobacco consumption, namely...
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Calistoga, Calif. Bans Smoking in Parks

Leaders in the northern Napa County city of Calistoga have approved a city-wide ban on smoking in parks, voting in favor of the proposal on...
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American Canyon, Calif. Bans Tobacco Stores

There are no tobacconists in American Canyon, Calif.—and it appears it will stay that way, legally. On Tuesday, the American Canyon city council voted unanimously to prohibit...
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Yountville, Calif. Passes Park Smoking Ban

The Napa County town of Yountville has passed a parks smoking ban that will prohibit lighting up in parks as of Feb. 19. The 4-1 vote...
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Yountville, Calif. Puts Parks Smoking Ban on Council Agenda

The small Napa County town of Yountville will soon be considering a smoking ban for its parks, as a proposal to snuff out all smoking has...
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American Canyon City Council Passes Smoking Ban

Smoking in public parks in American Canyon, Calif. is likely a thing of the past. Last week, the City Council voted unanimously to pass a...
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