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My Father Cigars Inc.

Don Pepín García 20th Anniversary Limited Edition

This is one of three cigars that not only celebrates the 20th anniversary of the Don Pepín García Blue Label brand but also the start of the García family’s cigar business.

Don Pepín García Vegas Cubanas Coronas

The line is one of the first created by José “Don Pepín” García, and as the company celebrates 20 years, the line gets a new look and an updated blend.

My Father Begins Shipping Reworked Vegas Cubanas

The reworked Vegas Cubanas features a new blend and new packaging. It’s offered in five sizes, four of which were previously used for the line.

Don Pepín García 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Heads to Stores

As it has done so many times before, My Father celebrates an anniversary with a 6 1/2 x 50 toro extra size that includes some pelo de oro tobacco in the filler.

Don Pepin – Vintage Edition Toro

This year marks the 20th anniversary of the Don Pepín García line of cigars, and My Father started off the celebration with this new line that sports a design that’s a throwback to the brand’s early days.

PCA 2023: My Father Cigars, Inc.

With 2023 being the 20th anniversary of the Don Pepín García brand, there were lots of celebratory cigars in My Father’s new booth.

My Father S Special Toro

This appears to be a follow-up to the My Father S Special Robusto that debuted as an event cigar more than a decade ago. Currently, it’s only available as part of a sampler from Cigar Rights of America.

My Father’s New Don Pepin – Vintage Edition Shipping This Week

The company celebrates 20 years of cigars bearing the Don Pepin Garcia name.

Flor de las Antillas 10th Anniversary Limited Edition 2022

The newest addition to My Father’s Flor de las Antillas line is a 6 1/2 x 52 toro extra that is blended using a higher priming wrapper compared to what is used in the blend of the original version.