Weekly News (Jan. 19, 2015)

Cigar News Altadis U.S.A. Announces Romeo Añejo Blanco Cigars Ships American Legion Extensions Caldwell Announces Nothing You Ever Heard Of Camacho Adds Corojo Godo, Robusto...
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Mississippi Legislature Will Consider Tax Increase Again

After a pair of bills to raise tobacco taxes failed to get out of committee in the Mississippi House of Representatives last year, the same sponsor...
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Weekly News (August 18, 2014)

Cigar News Altadis USA Ships 1875 Romeo y Julieta Cigar Oasis Ships Wi-Fi Units CLE/Pura Soul Split Crowned Heads Ships Headley Grange Laguito No. 6...
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Mississippi Physicians Launch Petition Drive with Eyes on 2015 Smoking Ban

A petition drive in Mississippi is about to get underway, with the Mississippi State Medical Association and other health organizations hoping to gather enough signatures...
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Tupelo, Miss. Considers Allowing Smoking in Tobacco Stores

In a rare bit of good legislative news, the Tupelo City Council is considering amending the city’s smoking ban to allow for smoking in tobacco...
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Southaven, Miss. Smoking Ban Goes Into Effect Today

A smoking ban ordinance that was passed in early May goes into effect in Mississippi’s third-largest city today, bringing an end to being able to light...
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Gautier, Miss. Modifies Smoking Ban

Just over six weeks since the Gautier City Council passed a smoking ban that prohibited smoking in bars, restaurants and public buildings, the seven member...
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Clarksdale, Miss. Begins Work on Smoking Ban

The Clarksdale City Board of Mayor and Commissioners has given the go-ahead to have a smoking ban drafted that could result in a ban on...
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Gautier, Miss. Passes Smoking Ban

It split the city council on Tuesday night, but a new limited smoking ban will be coming to Gautier, Miss. as the governing body voted...
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Smoking Ban Passed in Southaven, Miss.

Five weeks after being petitioned to enact a smoking ban, the Southaven Board of Aldermen voted 6-1 on Tuesday night to enact a smoking ban...
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Gautier, Miss. Looks at Smoking Ban

The city of Gautier, Miss. will soon consider the merits of a public smoking ban, with a pubic meeting seeking comment on the matter scheduled...
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