Mel Shah

MBombay Gaaja

Mel Shah of Bombay Tobak has embraced his heritage in all of his cigars, naming lines and vitolas for Sanskrit terms. For his latest cigar,...
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MBombay Kēsara Vintage Reserve Nikka (Prerelease)

In November, Bombay Tobak announced the addition of both a new blend and a new vitola with a familiar moniker: the Kēsara Vintage Reserve Nikka. While...
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MBombay Vintage Reserve Coming Next Month

Earlier this year MBombay expanded its Kēsara line to include cigars in tubes. As part of that announcement, the company teased a new series called Vintage Reserve,...
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MBombay Mōra Toro

Last year, MBombay entered the market with three lines in a relatively quick period of time: Classic, Maduro and shortly thereafter, Mōra. The latter is a...
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MBombay Expands Kēsara & Mōra, In Cans

Fresh off adding a completely new line in the form of the MBombay Habano, Bombay Tobak’s portfolio is one again expanding. Mel Shah, owner of...
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Bombay Tobak Releases MBombay Habano Blend

In an attempt to “shoot the gap” between his Connecticut Classic and Corojo Oscuro lines, Mel Shah of Bombay Tobak has created and recently released...
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MBombay Kesara Toro

It’s been a little more than 18 months since the cigar world was introduced to Mbombay, a line of cigars created by Mel Shah, the...
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MBombay Mōra Toro (Prerelease)

For at least its first few months, MBombay is likely to be known as “that company with that band.” It’s a reference to the company’s...
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MBombay Mōra Near Release

Previously, the best place to look for a shaggy foot lancero would have likely been a custom roller in Cuba, but later this month, you’ll...
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MBombay Launches With Two Lines

The list of retailers turned cigar brand owner now includes Mel Shah. After nearly a decade and a half in the retail side, Shah is now...
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