Marvin Samel

Drew Estate Launches iPhone App

Two things from Drew Estate on the social media/online front. First and foremost, Drew Estate has officially launched their iPhone App, becoming the first manufacturer...
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Weekly News (November 7, 2011)

Editor’s Note: There is one story that we have chosen not to publish this week. The reason behind this is the story’s origins include information...
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Review: Liga Privada Único Serie A

Today we will be taking a look at a promotional product from Liga Privada, the Único Serie A! About a year ago there were rumors...
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Willy Herrera Joins Drew Estate

Miami, FL – On June 15th, Willy Herrera, formerly the blender and master cigar maker of El Titan de Bronze, joined Drew Estate. Willy is...
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Review: Liga Privada EV-10

Today is the story of two very different Lanceros born from the same mother, in the same factory and conceived around the same time. One...
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Review: Liga Privada Único Serie L40

The narrative we tell today is one of two very different cigars, both born in the Drew Estate factory and both inspired by the Dirty...
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Weekly News (April 18, 2011)

Who said April was a slow cigar news month? After the jump is a massive news post with perhaps more release announcements than any other...
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Review: Liga Privada MF-13 (Preproduction)

(Editor’s Note: When Brooks reviewed this cigar, it was known as “MF-13”, which, as he notes at the end of the review, stands for what...
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New Liga Privadas

In the past few weeks, two of Drew Estate’s lesser-known Liga Privada projects have had some light shed on them. The first was the Liga...
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Weekly News (February 7, 2011)

There’s a much different style to the news, okay sort of… A few stories are still in paragraph form, but most will be in bullet...
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Portraits: Marvin Samel

I heard that Marvin Samel, co-founder of Drew Estate cigars was going to be in town at the Up In Smoke on McKinney Ave. for...
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