Mark Just

Viaje Ships Friends and Family La Cadeau

As has been the case with previous versions of one of its most limited releases, Viaje has quietly shipped the latest version of their Friends...
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Tatuaje Cohete (2013)

Back in 2006, Tatuaje released three of what has now become dozens of single store releases, one of which was the Cohete, Spanish  for rocket....
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Chaveta Habano Toro

In early 2011, Mark Just, owner of Tower Pipes and Cigars purchased the boutique Chaveta cigars, which is produced by Pinar del Rio. While the...
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Viaje Exclusivo Tower Cigars 45th (2011)

Back in April of 2011, Viaje released what was then the seventh incarnation of the Exclusivo line to celebrate Tower Pipes & Cigars in Sacramento,...
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Tatuaje Cohete Returns as Tower Exclusive

The 4 x 50 Tatuaje Cohete will be returning exclusively to Tower Pipes & Cigars of Sacramento, Calif., this time with more permanence. After months of speculation, Pete...
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Viaje Exclusivo Tower Cigars 45th Anniversary (2012)

The first question that you’re probably wanting to ask about the Viaje Tower Cigars 45th Anniversary is: what is different about this year’s release from last...
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The Cigar Industry Reacts to Prop. 29’s Defeat

The cigar industry made no secret of their feelings of relief in the wake of the expected defeat of Proposition 29 in California, a proposal...
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News: Viaje Exclusivo Tower 45th Anniversary Set For Release

Tonight, Tower Pipes & Cigars will hold its 45th anniversary party at the Chop Restaurant in Sacramento, CA — making an appearance will be the...
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Review: Chaveta Habano Toro

Back in the early part of 2011, Mark Just of Tower Cigars announced that he had purchased Chaveta cigars, a boutique brand that is produced...
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Weekly News (February 20, 2012)

Editor’s Note: This is the week of ProCigar 2012, and as such, much of the news will likely be about the Dominican Republic. Quesada will...
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Chaveta Announces Limited Edition Habano Toro

Small batch manufacturer Chaveta has a new limited edition project expected to launch in the coming months, a Toro with a Habano wrapper. Mark Just,...
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