Macanudo Clasico

Weekly News (September 22, 2014)

Cigar News Arango Cigar Co. Adds CAO Gold to Clasico Series Arango Cigar Co.’s Punch Clasico and Macanudo Clasico Get New Chi-Town Vitola Ashton Brings...
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Arango Cigar Co. Adds CAO Gold to Clasico Series, New Chi-Town Sizes to Punch and Macanudo Lines

Arango Cigar Co., the Illinois-based wholesale distributor and importer of hand made cigars, fine tobaccos and smokers’ accessories, has announced that it has added the...
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Press Release: Arango Cigar Co. Unveils New Private Label Macanudo Clasico and Punch Clasico

February 1, 2013 (Northbrook, IL) — Arango Cigar Co. has announced its new “Clasico” series of premium cigars, made by General Cigar Company. The four...
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