Crowned Heads Ships Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018

The largest Luminosa is on its way to stores. Crowned Heads has begun shipping the 6 x 60 version of its Luminosa blend, aptly called Luminosa...
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Crowned Heads Adding Luminosa Gigantes LE 2018

Most cigarmakers would prefer not to make 6 x 60 cigars save for one reason: they sell. Add Crowned Heads to that list. At next...
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IPCPR 2017: Crowned Heads

It’s been interesting to watch Crowned Heads add staff over the last few years. I remember when there were only four. Now there’s a national...
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Luminosa Shipping Nationwide Next Week

The newest line from Crowned Heads will to stores, in full, next week. Luminosa—which was previewed last year in two sizes—will begin shipping nationwide in...
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Luminosa Robusto

You’ve probably heard this introduction before: Crowned Heads releases a new line via a soft-launch to a few stores prior to a widespread release the...
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Luminosa Soft Launch Begins

Tomorrow, Crowed Heads will begin its soft launch of a new cigar, Luminosa. The company is selling two sizes—Robusto (5 x 50, $7.55) and Toro...
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Crowned Heads Previewing Luminosa Before 2017

Once again, Crowned Heads will ship a small shipment of a new brand before its more formal debut—though this time, FDA is part of the...
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