Luis Alberto Quispe Aparicio

IPCPR 2019: S.T.Dupont

Few booths offer the surprises quite like S.T.Dupont. The French accessories company is known to bring extremely high-end one-off creations to the trade show each...
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S.T.Dupont Adds Apollo L’Aquart

S.T.Dupont’s latest Haute Creation collection celebrates the 50th anniversary of man’s first visit to the moon. The S.T.Dupont Apollo L’Aquart collection is named after NASA’s...
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IPCPR 2017: S.T.Dupont

The S.T.Dupont booth is the epitome of my IPCPR Convention & Trade Show: beauty, chaos, excitement and frustration. I love the art behind so much...
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IPCPR 2016: S.T.Dupont

It’s an anniversary year for S.T.Dupont. This year marks 75 years since the company was commissioned to create 100 lighters (more on that below) and...
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