22 Minutes to Midnight Connecticut Radiante Toro

The 22 Minutes to Midnight Connecticut Radiante is part of the reinvention of Lost&Found. This is one of the two Robert Caldwell blends.

Instant Classic Limited Production 2018

Lost&Found is revisiting a cigar it first made in 2016 and is now expanding into a trio of offerings under the Instant Classic name.

PCA 2022: Bellatto Premium Cigars

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Tony Bellatto’s La Barba brand, so he’s celebrated by shutting it down and starting a new company called Bellatto Premium Cigars. It marks a new era for Bellatto and it comes with a variety of new lines. Also, there’s new items from Lost&Found, which is also going through a major transition.

Lost&Found 22 Minutes to Midnight Shipping to Stores Later This Month

If you ever needed a cigar to celebrate 11:38 p.m., Lost&Found has you covered.

Lost&Found Instant Classic Returning With Three Versions

Lost&Found is no longer finding lost cigars, instead, it’s commissioning its own cigars and then aging them. Three of these blends will head to stores next week.

Lost&Found Launches GAF, Charitable Initiative for Inner City Education

Lost&Found is expanding on its charitable efforts from last month with an ongoing program known as GAF, short for give a fuck. The company will continue…

Lost&Found Launches No Free Lunch Cigars to Benefit the Hungry

Plenty of cigar companies have developed creative ideas as part of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic and now at least one company has a cigar that…

Lost&Found SuperStroke Corona

In 2014, the cigar world was introduced to the idea of “found cigars,” cigars that had been either lost, tucked away, or simply forgotten about…

Room101, Lost&Found Collaborate for SuperStroke

First there was a Caldwell Cigar Co. and Room101 collaboration, now there is a Lost&Found and Room101 project. Matt Booth has teamed up with Lost&Found…

Two New Lost&Found Releases Arrive in Sweden and U.S.

If you’re looking for the two newest releases in the Lost&Found portfolio, your best bet is to look in Sweden. The project, which is headed…