Lost&Found Launches GAF, Charitable Initiative for Inner City Education

Lost&Found is expanding on its charitable efforts from last month with an ongoing program known as GAF, short for give a fuck. The company will continue...
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Lost&Found Launches No Free Lunch Cigars to Benefit the Hungry

Plenty of cigar companies have developed creative ideas as part of the coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic and now at least one company has a cigar that...
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Lost&Found SuperStroke Corona

In 2014, the cigar world was introduced to the idea of “found cigars,” cigars that had been either lost, tucked away, or simply forgotten about...
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Room101, Lost&Found Collaborate for SuperStroke

First there was a Caldwell Cigar Co. and Room101 collaboration, now there is a Lost&Found and Room101 project. Matt Booth has teamed up with Lost&Found...
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Two New Lost&Found Releases Arrive in Sweden and U.S.

If you’re looking for the two newest releases in the Lost&Found portfolio, your best bet is to look in Sweden. The project, which is headed...
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Lost&Found Ships Backdoor Bambi, El Suavesito in Boxes

Two new Lost&Found releases shipped this week to retailers, notably, in boxes. This marks a notable change for the project, which so far has released...
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Diet Pepper Cream Soda

In 2014, Tony Bellatto, Robert Caldwell and Jaclyn Sears founded the Impromptu brand, made up of cigars that were “lost” in various factories around the world that the...
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Several New Lost&Found Releases Appear

Several new additions to the Lost&Found collection of cigars have begun arriving at retailers in recent days, some that are completely new and some that...
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Weekly News (March 21, 2016)

Cigar News Davidoff Regency Cigar Emporium Exclusive 2016 Released Davidoff Up In Smoke 25th Anniversary Exclusive Released E.P. Carrillo Federal Cigar 95th Announce Eighty5 Cigars...
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Lost&Found Releases Seven New Cigars

Late last week, a few retailers announced that they had received seven different releases from Lost&Found. The company takes cigars from various factories that were released...
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Lost&Found To Release Fresh Roasted at Cigar Circus

The team of Tony Bellatto, Robert Caldwell and Jaclyn Sears will unveil the latest release in their Lost&Found series at the upcoming Cigar Circus, held...
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