Los Angeles County

South Pasadena, Calif. Passes Sidewalk Smoking Ban

On Thursday, the South Pasadena City Council unanimously passed a significant new addition to its smoking ban that will make it illegal to smoke on city...
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West Covina, Calif. Bans Smoking in Parks

After not being able to come to a compromise about designated smoking area, the West Covina, Calif. City Council decided to make all areas of...
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Laguna Beach, Calif. Expands Smoking Ban to Sidewalks & Others

Laguna Beach. has expanded its smoking ban to cover just about everywhere in the coastal California town. The city’s smoking ban already covered parks and...
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Hermosa Beach, Calif. Expands Smoking Ban

The days of being able to smoke anywhere but your own yard in Hermosa Beach are quickly counting down, as the city council recently expanded...
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Manhattan Beach, Calif. Gives Initial Approval to Tobacco Retailer Licensing Requirement

All tobacco retailers in the southern California city of Manhattan Beach will likely have to get an additional license to do business, as the city...
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Cigar Lovers Dodge Price Hike in Hermosa Beach, Calif.

While electronic cigarettes were the impetus behind a proposal considered by the Hermosa Beach City Council this week, cigar smokers also dodged a bullet as...
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Manhattan Beach, Calif. To Vote on Tobacco Retailer Licenses, Smoking Ban for Multi-Unit Residences

The Manhattan Beach City Council is scheduled to vote on a pair of tobacco related ordinances at its Sept. 15 meeting, one that will require...
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Manhattan Beach, Calif. Seeks Expanded Smoking Ban

One of the most expansive smoking bans in the United States might just get a bit tougher. Last summer, the Manhattan Beach City Council banned...
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Enforcement of Manhattan Beach, Calif. Smoking Ban Begins Today

After a one-month public education campaign, the city of Manhattan Beach, Calif. will begin enforcing the outdoor smoking ban passed by the city council on...
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Manhattan Beach, Calif. Expands Smoking Ban

An expansion of the Manhattan Beach, Calif. smoking ban met no opposition on Tuesday night as the city council voted 5-0 in favor of prohibiting smoking...
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