IPCPR 2017: The Lotus Group/Integral Logistics

Twenty-eight. That’s how many new cigar accessories were mentioned in the new catalog from The Lotus Group/Integral Logistics, which includes the company’s value-priced Vertigo by...
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XIKAR Xidris

Occasionally in one of our cigar reviews, the lineage of a cigar gets mentioned; for instance, the vast chain of Oliva Serie V releases or...
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Colibri Astoria

Billed as the world’s first triple flame torch lighter with a fold out cutter, the Colibri Astoria ($150) made its debut at the 2014 IPCPR Convention...
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XIKAR 5×64 Turrim

Anyone even remotely familiar with the cigar industry is well aware of the growth of the big ring gauge cigar over the past few years—and...
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Colibri Stealth 3

In early April, Colibri announced that it had released a new triple-flame lighter, the Stealth III. When it was announced, the company heralded it as...
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XIKAR Adds Two New Looks to Executive II Lighter

XIKAR announced the addition of two new finishes in their Executive II lighter collection on Friday: pearl and G2, a gunmetal-on-gunmetal finish. The company had...
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Review: Tatuaje El Triunfador Collection Soft Flame Lighter

In November of 2010, Tatuaje released 100 sets of a new cigar accessory collection. Dubbed the Tatuaje El Triunfador Collection, each piece in the set...
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