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Surrogates AKC Debuting This Week (Update)

This week there will be a new member to the Surrogates line released, the AKC. The cigar is a nod to Dan Welsh’s dog, Kenji,...
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Graded: Ten Questions for 2018

With 2018 counting down its final days, it’s time to take a look back at an article that is an annual tradition on halfwheel, Ten...
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L’Atelier Extension de la Racine ER15

In 2013, L’Atelier Imports launched a new series with a specific purpose: as an incentive for retailers who attend the IPCPR Convention & Trade Show. Named Extension de...
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Sean “Casper” Johnson Leaving L’Atelier Imports

Sean “Casper” Johnson, one of the founders of L’Atelier Imports, will be leaving for a job in the music industry. “An amazing opportunity to rejoin...
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Ten Questions for 2018

It’s almost 2018, which means it’s time for my annual article of speculation. For the last eight years, something that actually precedes halfwheel, I will ask...
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Surrogates 7th Sam

Placing large amounts of tobacco varietals in cigars has become someone of a theme of late. Perhaps the most notable is the Alec Bradley Fine...
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Surrogates Cracker Crumbs

I had an early flight to the Rocky Mountain Cigar Festival and a redux review I needed to tackle, so I spent five minutes opening...
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L’Atelier Identité Mélange Special No. 2

If there is one thing that L’Atelier Imports is known for—other than the fact that it was co-founded by Tatuaje Cigars owner Pete Johnson—it is the...
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IPCPR 2017: Tatuaje & L’Atelier Imports

Pete Johnson was pretty coy about what he had planned for the show, but it turns out, there’s actually some new items for both L’Atelier...
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Third Release of L’Atelier Imports Côte d’Or Arriving at Retailers

The third installment of L’Atelier Imports’ annual limited edition, Côte d’Or, has begun arriving at retailers, and it should look immediately familiar to fans of...
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L’Atelier Identité Begins Shipping Nationally

L’Atelier Imports has begun shipping Identité. As the name implies, the French word for identity, the cigars tied to the brand’s identity, Sancti Spiritus, a specific type of tobacco...
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