Lampert Cigars

Lampert Cigars Adds Distribution in Canada

Canadian Craft Cigars is the company’s new Canadian distributor.

Casdagli Adds Distribution in Switzerland, Liechtenstein

Casdagli Cigars will be distributed by Lampert Cigars in Switzerland and Liechtenstein.

Lampert 1675 Edición Rojo Robusto

After debuting in the U.S. market with its 1675 Edición AZUL in 2021, Lampert Cigars released the 1675 Edición Rojo earlier this year in three different vitolas.

Lampert Limitada Salomones

Retailer exclusives are nothing new in the cigar industry, nor are exclusives to groups of retailers, such as the Tobacconists’ Association of America. Yet sometimes…

Lampert Cigars Adds Distribution in Slovakia

Lampert Cigars has signed a new distribution agreement with MY & MI s.r.o. that will bring its cigars to Slovakia. In a press release, the…

Lampert 1675 Edición Rojo Debuting at TPE 2022

First it was blue, now it’s time for red. Next week, Lampert Cigars will introduced the new Lampert 1675 Edición Rojo, the company’s newest line. It…

Lampert Launches Golden Retailer Program, Two Exclusive Cigars

Lampert Cigars has launched two new cigars that are only being sold at stores that are part of the company’s new Lampert Gold Retailer program….

PCA 2021: Lampert Cigars

One of the more awkward parts of the PCA Convention & Trade Show can occur when we give a less than favorable rating to a…

Lampert 1675 Edición AZUL Robusto

Despite a global pandemic, material and labor shortages, FDA regulations and a number of other concerns, there’s been a surprising number of “new” cigar companies…

Lampert Cigars Makes U.S. Debut With 1675 Edición AZUL

In 2016, Dr. Stefan Lampert launched his own cigar company with an idea called My Cigar Lab; now, his cigars are making their U.S. debut….