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Kelner Boutique Factory

Smoking Jacket Showing Off Mini Henkie at PCA 2024

A Henrik, a Hendrik and another Hendrik make a cigar for another Hendrik. (Monika helped too.)

Principle Cigars Releases Aviator Espoir

The cigar measures 9 1/2 inches long, a size that brand owner Darren Cioffi said he wanted because of how quickly he smokes cigars.

Lampert Family Reserve 2023 Begins Shipping

It’s basically the same cigar as the Family Reserve 2022. Good news: the price has not increased.

Principle Cigars Releases 2023 Accomplice Holiday Baubles

The limited edition is highlighted by a 16-year-old Cuban-seed hybrid binder.

Red Anchor Commodore Begins Shipping

The 7 x 55 Commodore size is the final of four new Red Anchor sizes released in 2023.

Casdagli 25th Aniversario

The 7 1/2 x 52 double corona was released to commemorate company founder Jeremy Casdagli’s 25 years in the cigar business.

Casdagli 25 Aniversario & Brothers of the Sabre Arrive at Stores

Casdagli’s The Napoleonic Collection is now known as “Brothers of the Sabre.”

New Red Anchor Vitolas Shipping This Week

This week’s shipment will bring the number of Red Anchor vitolas to four and there’s still one more new size to go.

Casdagli Adding 25 Aniversario to Traditional Line Series

The cigar is the newest addition to Casdagli’s Traditional Line Series, a line blended by Hendrik Kelner Jr. and made at the Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic

Casdagli Debuting Napoleonic Collection at PCA 2023

The new line commemorates military generals throughout history who were known for their love of tobacco.

Somm Premier Cru

This limited edition torpedo is made at the Kelner Boutique Factory in the Dominican Republic and uses tobaccos from the company’s farms across the Dominican Republic.