Kaizad Hansotia

IPCPR 2011: Gurkha

Things seem to be changing at Gurkha, and the IPCPR show was a sign of that. The glitz that one comes to expect, just wasn’t...
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Weekly News (July 11, 2011)

Editor’s Note: And here we are. One week out from the IPCPR trade show and things are reaching their peak. Last week saw a host...
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Gurkha IPCPR 2011 (Exclusive)

Kaizad Hansotia indicated a few months ago that Gurkha would be seeing a few new B&M only lines in 2011. He named two lines in...
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Weekly News (June 6, 2011)

Editor’s Note: On Friday, the IPCPR sent out the much awaited “rules” for the bloggers. It was met with quite a host of criticisms, but...
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Weekly News (May 9, 2011)

I could refer to a lot of points of the year as "the calm before the storm." But, for the month of May that will...
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Weekly News (March 14, 2011)

Add this to the list of things I forgot last week… Illusione is adding a lot of Maduro. I originally was under the impression that...
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State of the Brand: Gurkha

Don’t say I don’t listen to our readers. Back in early February, a reader, who I’ll call “John H.” for this article, asked me if...
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Weekly News (March 7, 2011)

A week after Jerry Cruz proclaimed that the only one who did news was CA, and everyone else shouldn’t really try; Jerry did a bit...
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Weekly News (January 10, 2011)

If there was ever a fun week of news… this is going to be it. It’s an eclectic bit of information. Pete Johnson confirmed what...
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Editorial: In Response to the Gurkha Raja

Kaizad Hansotia, founder of Gurkha, and a man who I have a lot of respect for when it comes to reinventing cigar packaging, gave an...
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Gurkha His Majesty’s Reserve

Let me tell you right off the bat. I did NOT pay $750 for this cigar. In fact, I did not pay any money at...
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