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JRE Tobacco Co.

Aladino Sumatra Toro

This release is only the second blend to utilize a Sumatra-seed wrapper grown on the Eiroa family’s farm located outside Danlí, Honduras.

Aladino Candela Queen’s Perfecto Heading to This Weekend

The second vitola in the Aladino Candela line will be an exclusive for Laudisi Enterprises.

Aladino Sumatra Heads to Stores

Seven years ago, the Eiroa family began planting Sumatra-seed tobaccos at its Honduran farm. That tobacco is used as the wrapper for the new Aladino Sumatra.

Aladino Classic Elegante

This summer, JRE Tobacco Co. added the 7 x 38 Elegante to its Classic line, which isn’t as corojo-forward as others in the company’s portfolio.

Aladino Limited Edition

The new release is made up of a Cameroon-seed wrapper grown on the Eiroa farms in Honduras, along with binder and filler tobaccos that the company describes as “other Honduran tobacco of undisclosed origins.”

PCA 2023: JRE Tobacco Co.

JRE Tobacco Co. has four new cigars here at the show; One new size for an existing line, a limited edition, a limited production, and one completely new blend.

Aladino Sumatra Debuting at PCA 2023

JRE says that it has been working on the Sumatra-seed wrapper grown in Honduras since 2016. Meanwhile, the Eiora family’s fourth-generation got to show its influence on the packaging, which is more modern than the rest of the company’s portfolio.

Aladino Limited Edition Goes Back Into the Archives

JRE Tobacco Co. says it is reaching into the Eiroa family archives for its new Aladino Limited Edition. The 6 x 52 toro uses a…

Aladino Candela Robusto

This review contains references to green tea, Cherry Coke and Mary Poppins.

Aladino Candela Begins Shipping

Just 32 stores are getting the cigars as part of what JRE Tobacco Co. considers a trial run to gauge the new cigar’s popularity.