John Kasich

Ohio House Budget Proposal Strips Tobacco Tax Increases

When Gov. John Kasich presented his budget proposal in February, it contained sizable increases in Ohio’s tax rates on tobacco, seeking an increase in the...
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Gov. Kasich Calls for Massive Tobacco Tax Hike in Ohio

Ohio Governor John Kasich is calling for a massive tobacco tax hike as part of his proposed budget for the upcoming fiscal year. Kasich is...
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Ohio Senate Proposes Tobacco Tax Increase

In its new budget proposal, the Ohio Senate has included an increase in the tax on other tobacco products, including cigars, from 17 percent to 22.5...
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Ohio Governor Proposes Tobacco Tax Increase

In what he described as a “sweeping budget,” Ohio Governor John K. Kasich is proposing an increase on the tax of cigars and other tobacco...
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Ohio Cigar Tax Hike Proposed

Cigar taxes could nearly triple in Ohio. Gov. John Kasich has introduced a new budget which would increase taxes on all tobacco products in the...
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