Illusione Epernay

Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary d’Aosta

In the latest edition of what are we celebrating today?, it’s the 10th anniversary of Illusione’s Epernay line. Epernay was released in 2009 as an...
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Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary Debuting at IPCPR 2019

Later this summer, Illusione will pay tribute to the 10th anniversary of its Epernay with a new cigar. The appropriately named Illusione Epernay 10th Anniversary,...
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Gems In the Illusione Warehouse

On our visit to FUMARE, Dion Giolito invited us into the Illusione warehouse in Reno, Nev., a plain-looking building in an office park. It’s somewhat...
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Illusione Raises Epernay & ULTRA Prices

In one of the more minor price increases of the last year, Illusione’s Epernay and ULTRA lines will see a small increase in price. Brand owner...
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IPCPR 2013: Illusione

Dion Giolito’s couches were back, and in high-demand. Illusione operates in a manner that is both simple and mysterious: make only good cigars while not...
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Illusione Adds to Cruzado & Epernay, Announces Singularé 2013 (Update)

Dion Giolito will have more than just couches at the 2013 IPCPR trade show. The owner of Illusione, who moves the brand at a noted...
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Weekly News (September 10, 2012)

Editor’s Note: As will be the case with halfwheel, the post-IPCPR lag seems to have settled down and the industry seems to be getting back...
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News: Illusione to Add Epernay L’Excellence

Dion Giolito is adding the tenth size to the Illusione Epernay line, L’Excellence—a Churchill that he claims is his favorite size in the line. As...
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The Consensus: 2011 Awards

For the 2010 rendition of this concept, click here to see Brian Hewitt’s work. Before anyone starts, I started this long before Bill Berris posted...
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IPCPR 2011: Illusione

And it was a big year for Dion. Back in February, Dion Giolito dropped quite a bombshell indicating that he would be launching a maduro...
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Weekly News (April 4, 2011)

Apologies for this late edition of cigar news. Another somewhat quiet week as far as new products go. TAA went on in Cabo this past...
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