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Ilegal San Andres

Ilegal San Andres Toro

La Familia Robaina’s newest release is not illegal, but it sounds like it should be. That is because the company named the new blend Ilegal—with one…

La Familia Robaina Ships Ilegal

Nine new cigars from La Familia Robaina are heading to stores. The company, formerly known as White Hat Tobacco, is shipping its new Ilegal lines….

IPCPR 2019: La Familia Robaina

While the big news for La Familia Robaina right before the show was a name change from White Hat Cigars, the company was selling a…

White Hat Plans Ilegal for 2019

White Hat Distribution newest release is Ilegal, not illegal. The company has announced three lines, each with the same three vitolas. Spence Drake, the founder of…