HVC Black Friday

HVC Black Friday Firecracker Arriving in November

The next cigar in Two Guys Smoke Shop’s Firecracker series will be from HVC. This November, the HVC Black Friday Firecracker will begin shipping to...
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HVC Black Friday 2019 Shipping Next Week

There are cigars made for just about every holiday imaginable, including a made-up retail holiday. For the fifth consecutive year, HVC Cigars will release a...
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HVC Black Friday 2018

The first day after Thanksgiving—otherwise known as Black Friday—has become more and more synonymous with shopping, crazy deals and even violence. In 2015, HVC Cigars released...
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HVC Adds Black Friday 2018

Black Friday is right around the corner and there will once again be an HVC cigar to celebrate. The HVC Black Friday 2018 is a...
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HVC Black Friday 2017

The Real Deal. I don’t know what that exactly means, but it’s been a part of the HVC Black Friday story for a while now...
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HVC Black Friday 2017 Shipping Next Week

Black Friday is still a few weeks away, but HVC Cigar’s tribute to the American shopping holiday will begin shipping to retailers next week. For...
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Weekly News (Nov. 2, 2015)

Cigar News ACID Supercell Heading to Fogue & Bates as Exclusive Chogüí Primeraño Planned for Anniversary Crowned Heads Ships The-Mason Dixon Project-Limited Edition 2015 Davidoff...
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HVC Plans Cigar for Black Friday

There are cigars for just about every holiday, so why not a shopping holiday. Next month, HVC Cigars will release HVC Black Friday, a limited...
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