El Septimo Releases Presidential Humidor Collection

El Septimo Cigars has released the Presidential Collection, a new series of six humidors made from pure precious stones, with Spanish cedar used for the interior...
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Colibri Heritage Humidor

I’ve bought six humidors in 2019, half of them have been red. One of those, the first I’m actually reviewing, is the new Colibri Heritage...
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Davidoff Adds Masterpiece Humidor Royal Release (Update)

Davidoff has enlisted the talents of renowned French feather artist Émilie Moutard-Martin for the latest installment in its Masterpiece Humidor collection, the Davidoff Masterpiece Humidor...
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Zino Z80 Humidor

I’m not sure when the Zino Z80 humidor entered the market and I’m not sure based on Davidoff’s website if the company intends on continuing...
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Arturo Fuente The Man Humidor

Officially, it’s called the Carlos A. Fuente Commemorative Humidor, but I’m pretty sure most people know it as The Man Humidor. The humidor debuted at the...
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Davidoff Adds Two Color Options to Travel Humidor

Davidoff has two new color options available in its travel humidors, a darker model geared towards the businessperson, and a lighter option that is an...
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Conocedor Releases Debut Cigar Accessories Collection

A new company out of Finland is getting into the cigar accessories segment with a pair of cutters, a trio of humidors, and a show-stopping...
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Lotus Group Adds New Travel Humidors

The Lotus Group releasing three new travel humidors, including a slightly wider version of a typical five-count box that will allow you to pack in...
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NewAir CC-100H

When I was in college I had a problem. I had spent a fair bit of money on cigars, it was spring and the central...
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Diamond Crown St. James Peabody 160-Count

There aren’t many things that surprise cigar consumers about how cheap they are, but humidors are probably the first exception to that thought that comes...
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NewAir Releases New Electronic Humidor

Cigar smokers looking for a new humidor have a new option to consider, as NewAir Appliances has released its new CC-100H Electronic Humidor, a 250-cigar...
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