Origineer Design Releases HumiForm Cigar Humidifier

Building off a love for keeping musical instruments in pristine condition, Origineer Design is now turning its attention to cigars with the release of the...
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Lotus Announces Humidification Gel Packs, Humidor Cigar Bags

The Lotus Group/Integral Logistics is giving portable humidification another run as the company has announced the upcoming release of Lotus Humidification Gel Packs. The new...
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Boveda to Supply XIKAR’s New Humidification Packets (Update)

There’s an old idiom that if you can’t beat them, join them, a saying that seems applicable to an announcement from XIKAR, Inc. today. The company...
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Ciguardian Introduces Humi-Lube and Pipe Genie

Ciguardian is expanding its humidification offerings with a pair of lines, Humi-Lube and Pipe Genie. Much like the company’s Ciguardian and Dr. RH lines, Humi-Lube...
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IPCPR 2014: Boveda

While there was nothing “officially” new from Boveda this year, there are a few things that consumers may be seeing when they pick up their...
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Press Release: Next Generation Humidifiers from Cigar Oasis

January 9, 2014 (New York, NY) — Cigar Oasis is pleased to announce an update of its entire line of electronic humidifiers. The new units incorporate cutting...
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Press Release: Cigarmony, LLC is Granted 2nd U.S. Patent for Humidity Bead System®

April 17, 2013 (Potomac Falls, Va.) — Cigarmony, LLC, an innovator in humidification products, has been granted its 2nd U.S. Patent for its high tech humidification...
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