Holy Grail Week (2017)

Ilja IX

In December 2007, Sasja van Horssen debuted the first of what would be come an annual release of cigars to honor his brother, who passed...
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CAO 65th Anniversary Esen

While the name may say anniversary, this cigar is all about a birthday, that of Cano A. Ozgener. For those not familiar with Ozgener, he...
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Tatuaje Musubi (2013)

In 2013, Pete Johnson of Tatuaje posted a picture of an unusual gold and white band on Instagram with the comment “Musubi!” By now, Tatuaje fans already...
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Oliva O Maduro Oasis

In 2001, Oliva Cigar Co. debuted three blends in a new flagship line named the O Series, each differentiated by a different color band made of...
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Davidoff Wagner Limited Edition 2004

For the sixth year in a row, halfwheel starts out our Holy Grail Week of reviews. Sometimes it’s something super rare or other times extremely...
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Oliva Serie V Diadema (2012)

The Oliva Serie V has been made in just about every size and shape: normal sizes, culebras, NUb, small diademas and yes, big diademas. In...
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J.C. Newman Diamond Crown 110th Anniversary

For some reason, it seems as if we’ve been writing about and reviewing anniversary cigars quite a bit as of late. It certainly hasn’t been...
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