Hirochi Robaina

H.R. Signature Lancero

There are some cigars that make it clear that they are being released to celebrate something, whether it be an anniversary, birthday, milestone or some...
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White Hat Cigars Now La Familia Robaina

White Hat Cigars has a new name:La Familia Robaina. According to a press release issued by the company on Wednesday evening, the move comes as...
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White Hat Drops Price of H.R. Signature

White Hat Distribution, the American distributor for the H.R. and Soneros lines of cigars, has announced a price reduction for the H.R. Signature, the original...
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Hirochi Robaina Denies Involvement With Burmese Tobacco Trading Co.

While news of a new venture called the Burmese Tobacco Trading Co. began circulating late Thursday night, one of the key players in the story...
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Graded: The Ten Questions for 2016

As part of our year-end wrap-ups, my colleague Charlie Minato asks 10 questions that he thinks will affect either the cigar industry as a whole or...
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H.R. Habano A

In late 2014, Hirochi Robaina—grandson of the late Alejandro Robaina—debuted his non-Cuban cigar blend to the U.S. market. Named H.R. Habano, the line debuted in four different...
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IPCPR 2016 White Hat Distribution

White Hat Distribution was quite busy distributing as I was covering their booth, with a steady stream of people that were dropping by to check...
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H.R. Habano Adding A Size

In addition to two new lines and a Corona, there will be another new addition for the H.R. cigars from Hirochi Robaina, and it’s a...
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Hirochi Robaina’s H.R. Adding Blue & Claro Lines at IPCPR 2016

The H.R. Habano line that bears the initials of Hirochi Robaina will be getting to new siblings. At next month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show,...
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Cubanacan Lawsuit Settled

The lawsuit involving Robert Mederos of Cubanacan Cigars and the Soneros brand and its owners Omar and Luis González has been settled. Frank Herrera, attorney...
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HR Habano Returns to Market Today

For the first time in almost a year, there’s a new batch of HR Habanos in the U.S. Last spring, the González family, who has...
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