Crowned Heads Paniolo Especiale 2020 Debuting in February

The next Drew Estate-made Crowned Heads cigar is going to Hawaii. Crowned Heads has announced that the Paniolo Especiale 2020 will be a 5 3/4...
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Black Works Studio Hawaii KATO Heading to R. Field Wine Co.

Black Label Trading Co.’s fans in Hawaii will soon have their very own version of the KATO to smoke, as today the company announced that...
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Hawaii Online Tobacco Ban Bill Introduced Again

An effort to ban the online sale of cigars and other tobacco products in the state of Hawaii has once again been introduced. H.B. 387...
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Hawaii Legislators Propose 50-Cent Cigar Tax Cap

A pair of Hawaii state legislators are hoping to give cigar smokers in the state a bit of financial relief at the cash register by...
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Black Label Trading Co. Ligero Hawaii Heads to R. Field Wine Co.

Black Label Trading Co. is sending a new store exclusive, the Ligero Hawaii,  to R. Field Wine Co. in Hawaii next month. It’s a 5...
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Bill to Ban Online Tobacco Purchases Fails in Hawaii

Cigar smokers in Hawaii will still be able to shop for their next smoke online, as a bill seeking to make it unlawful to ship...
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Hawaii Cigar Tax Cap Bill Advances

The latest attempt to cap the tax on cigars in the state of Hawaii is advancing through the state’s senate. S.B. 2843 passed the Senate’s Ways...
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Hawaii Bill Would Restrict Where New Tobacco Shops Could Open

A bill introduced into the Hawaii Senate on Friday is seeking to keep new tobacco and e-cigarette stores from opening near schools, public parks, or...
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Bill Banning Online Tobacco Purchases Reintroduced in Hawaii

The days of click-and-order cigar purchases could come to an end in Hawaii, as a bill introduced into the state’s senate on Friday would make...
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Bill in Hawaii Seeks to End Online Tobacco Purchases

A bill currently making its way through the Hawaii House of Representatives is seeking to close a loophole that 13 legislators see as allowing people–particularly minors–to circumvent the...
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Bills Seek to Cap Hawaii’s Cigar Tax at 50 Cents

While some state legislators in Hawaii are seeking to raise the state’s tax on premium cigars, others are looking to lower it drastically by way...
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