Festival del Habano XVIII: Day 1

It has been a dream of mine to attend the Habanos Festival in Cuba, and this year that dream has become reality. After a less...
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Festival del Habano XVII: Day 1

It should come as no surprise that questions surrounding the future of Habanos S.A. as it pertains to the U.S. market would be among those...
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Press Release: Mexico Won the 11th International Habanosommelier Contest

March 3, 2012 (Havana, Cuba) — Well established as one of the Habano Festival’s major events, the last stretch of the contest featured a painstaking...
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Weekly News (October 24, 2011)

Editor’s Note: It’s been a while since the 2011 list has been updated, which I apologize for. I plan on having it up to date...
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Weekly News (October 10, 2011)

Editor’s Note: Rest in peace Steve. Here’s to the Crazy Ones. — el niño diablo. Viaje Skull and Bones “?” — These will be out...
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Recap: XIII Festival del Habano

Ethically, doing a recap on an event I didn’t attend is probably a mortal sin; however it’s Habanosfest. Actually, my decision for this post is...
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