Guillermo León

La Aurora 107 Cosecha 2007 Debuting at IPCPR 2019

The La Aurora 107 Cosecha is back for another year. At this month’s IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, the Dominican Republic’s oldest cigar manufacturer will...
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Procigar 2019: Day 4

The good news is that I slept through my alarm without waking up Wednesday night, something that was a constant problem due to an air...
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Fratello Cigars Announces Oro as Third Blend

Fratello Cigars is growing its regular production portfolio with a new blend called Oro that will be released at the upcoming 2016 IPCPR Convention &...
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La Aurora Training Kit Emerald Brings Tasting Seminar to Retail Humidors

La Aurora has announced a new retail product designed to give consumers the experience of being part of a tasting seminar, the La Aurora Training...
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La Aurora Launching Untamed Extreme

At this year’s trade show, La Aurora is planning on expanding its Untamed line, last year’s new line from the Dominican brand that showed a...
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Viva Republica Ships Propaganda

The latest from the partnership between Guillermo León and Jason Holly is heading to stores. Holly’s Viva Republic has announced that Miami Cigar & Co.,...
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Miami Cigar & Co. Overhaul Coming

Miami Cigar & Co., the company founded 25 years ago by Mariana and Nestor Miranda, is in the early stages of its biggest changes. Today, the...
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La Aurora 107 Maduro Bowtie Lancero

A few years back, Guillermo León did something lancero fans are always clamoring for and released a La Aurora 107 Lancero which Charlie Minato has...
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Viva Republica Guerrilla Warfare Corona (Prerelease)

Early last year we posted a news story about Viva Republica’s new line, the Guerrilla Warfare. Slated for an April 2013 release, the petit corona came...
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Press Release: La Sirena Cigars and Miami Cigar & Company To Part Ways

December 12, 2013 (New York, NY) – Following a successful three-year partnership with Miami Cigar & Company, La Sirena Cigars will become independently owned and...
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Guillermo León by La Aurora W. Curtis Draper 126th Aniversario Lancero

For many years, Washington D.C.’s W. Curtis Draper has commissioned special limited editions in honor of its anniversaries. Last year, the company celebrated a century...
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