Good Karma Cigar

Viaje Oro La Pequeña (2012)

In November of 2012 I reviewed an store exclusive from Good Karma Cigar – the Viaje Oro La Pequeña. While it is an extension of...
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Flor de los Pedros

Every once in a while, we come across a cigar that on the surface looks pretty cut and dry, but upon a bit of digging...
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Weekly News (May 27, 2013)

Editor’s Note: I’ve never made these columns about my personal life. Many others do it in their blogs—most notably Jerry Cruz, who does it better...
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Good Karma Cigar Working on Updated Donkey Dropping

Good Karma Cigar in Amarillo, Texas has confirmed that they are working on an updated version of their Donkey Dropping cigar and hope to have...
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Review: Viaje Oro La Pequeña (2012)

Last month we posted a news story about the rerelease of the Viaje Oro La Pequeña. While it is part of the Oro line and thus...
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News: Viaje Oro La Pequeña Returns Later This Month

Viaje will be rereleasing its Oro La Pequeña later this month at an event at Good Karma Cigar in Amarillo, TX. The 4 3/4 x...
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