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Founders Cigar Co.

PCA 2023: Founders Cigar Co.

While Founders had no new cigars debuting at the PCA show this year, the company was showing off a major update to its packaging and talking about a change in where Founders’ cigars are being made.

Don Doroteo’s Fulfillment Now Being Handled by Founders Cigar Co. as They Launch Founders Fulfillment

Don Doroteo’s cigars will now ship out of Founders’ Minneapolis, Minn. fulfillment center.

Founders Cigar Co. Unveils New Packaging, Moving Most Production to Tabacalera Las Lavas

Dynamic coloring, deeper historical references, and clear and concise imagery highlight the new look.

PCA 2022: Founders Cigar Co.

Founders Cigar Co.’s first candela-wrapped creation is named after Alexander Hamilton, who is considered to be a “founding father” of the United States.

Founders Cigar Co. Adding Hamilton Candela to Lineup at PCA 2022

Founders Cigar Co. will be releasing the Hamilton Candela, which is—somewhat predictably—a candela-wrapped blend named after U.S. founding father Alexander Hamilton.