Flavored Tobacco Products

Boston Votes to Raise Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

In a unanimous vote on Thursday night, the Boston Public Health Commission decided to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products from 18 to 21-years-old,...
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Boston Mayor Wants Tobacco Age Increased

The movement to raise the minimum age to purchase tobacco products in Massachusetts seems to have finally reached its biggest city, as Boston mayor Martin J....
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Cleveland, Ohio Considering Tobacco Purchase Age Increase, Flavored Tobacco Regulations

In the coming weeks, the Cleveland City Council will consider a number of tobacco-related proposals that could have widespread effects in Ohio’s second largest city....
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St. Paul, Minn. Proposes Minimum Pricing for Cigars

While new legislation being proposed in St. Paul, Minn. is centered around keeping flavored tobacco out of the hands of children, the city is also...
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Proposal to Reverse Greenfield, Mass. Age Increase Fails

A Greenfield, Mass. city councilman hoping to reverse the upcoming increase in the minimum age to purchase tobacco products fell short in his effort, with...
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Gill, Mass. Approves Tobacco Purchase Age Increase

It’s certainly not the biggest score for the anti-tobacco groups in Massachusetts, but there’s another town in the Bay State that will soon be increasing...
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Eastham, Mass. Seeking Changes to Tobacco Laws

The Cape Cod town of Eastham, Mass. has informed tobacco retailers that it is considering implementing a number of changes in the coming months and has...
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Greenfield, Mass. Increases Tobacco Purchase Age to 21

There’s one less town in Massachusetts where 18-year-olds can buy tobacco products, as the Greenfield Board of Health voted unanimously to raise the age to...
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El Cerrito, Calif. Moving Forward With More Tobacco Policy Changes

El Cerrito, Calif. announced a number of changes to its tobacco policy last year, including banning smoking in parks, open spaces, sidewalks, multifamily housing and...
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Chicago Flavored Tobacco Sales Restriction Goes Into Effect Today

A ban on the sale of flavored tobacco products within 500 feet of a school goes into effect in Chicago today, though the impact will...
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Cambridge, Mass. Moves Forward With Tobacco Restrictions

Smoking in parks, motels and outdoor areas where food is served is set to become prohibited thanks to new restrictions passed by the Cambridge City...
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