Flavored Tobacco Products

Multnomah County, Ore. Approves First Reading of Flavored Tobacco Ban

A ban on flavored tobacco products is likely coming to Oregon’s most populous county.

R.J. Reynolds Asks Supreme Court to Stop California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban

As expected, R.J. Reynolds is asking the Supreme Court to intervene before California’s ban on most flavored tobacco and vaping products takes effect next month.

Westchester County, N.Y. Legislators Pass Flavored Tobacco Ban, Sends Bill to County Executive

If signed into law, it would be illegal to sell or otherwise distribute flavored tobacco products by early summer.

R.J. Reynolds Files Lawsuit Against California’s Flavored Tobacco Ban

As expected, R.J. Reynolds has filed another lawsuit against California’s flavored tobacco ban. The decision comes after voters in California approved the law during Tuesday’s election.

California Voters Ban Most Flavored Tobacco & Vaping Products, Expensive Cigars Exempted

Flavored pipe and shisha tobacco will also remain legal. Some handmade flavors cigars will remain legal but it’s going to be complicated and expensive for consumers.

Moraga, Calif. Bans the Sale of Flavored Tobacco

The East Bay city enacts its own ban ahead of a potential statewide ban being approved by voters.

Washington County, Ore.’s Flavored Tobacco Ban Struck Down

Flavored tobacco products can remain on shelves, but the county may appeal a judge’s ruling allowing them to stay.

Chula Vista, Calif. Passes First Reading of Flavored Tobacco Ban, Premium Cigars Exempt

Chula Vista is implementing its own ban ahead of the November election that will could result in a statewide ban on flavored tobacco products.

Bangor, Maine Passes Second Attempt at Flavored Tobacco Ban

The city will start off 2023 with a complete ban on flavored tobacco products.

FDA’s Comment Period on Proposed Flavored Cigar Ban Ends Today (Update)

Manufacturers, retailers, consumers and other interested parties are invited to submit comments on the matter.