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Flavored Tobacco Products

CAA, PCA Ask OMB to Stop FDA’s Proposed Flavored Cigar Ban

Earlier this week, the two groups met with government officials regarding the upcoming flavored cigar ban.

Sonoma County, Calif. Passes First Reading of Flavored Tobacco Sales Ban

Retailers in the county’s unincorporated areas would be prohibited from selling flavored tobacco products and would be required to institute a minimum price for all cigars.

Biden White House Announces New Anti-Tobacco Measures as Part of Cancer Moonshot Program

While there are no major policy changes, these announcement serve as a reminder that the Biden White House supports FDA’s plans to ban the sales of flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes.

Biden Administration Opposes Preventing FDA From Banning Flavored Cigars, Menthol Cigarettes

The White House says Joe Biden would veto a proposal from House Republicans that would prevent FDA from banning flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes.

Maine Legislators Table Flavored Tobacco Ban Bill

The second attempt to ban flavored tobacco products in the past two years once again fell short.

Ohio Governor Again Vetoes Tobacco Preemption Clause Language

This is the second time this year that Gov. Mike DeWine has vetoed language passed by the Ohio General Assembly that would have prevented cities from introducing stricter laws regarding tobacco.

Bill to Ban Flavored Tobacco, E-Liquid Products in Vermont Dies

The Vermont General Assembly has adjourned for the year. While the Senate approved a ban on flavored tobacco and vaping products, it did not clear the Vermont House of Representatives.

21 Senators Send Letter to FDA Asking About Proposed Flavored Cigar, Menthol Cigarette Bans

The letter asks for an update about when FDA plans to announce a final rule and how the agency plans to address the strategy cigarette companies have taken to get around menthol bans introduced in California and Massachusetts.