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Flat Flame Lighters

Vector Adds Four More UV Color Options to Bishop Line

There are nine new UV options for the Bishop, a compact, flat flame lighter.

Vector Bishop Gets New UV Finishes

It’s the third lighter in the company’s portfolio to get the new scratch resistant, UV colorways.

Vertigo Page

The flame is flat and angled, while the price is among the lowest you’ll see for a cigar lighter.

Vector ICON IV

For the fourth release in its flagship ICON line, Vector-KGM joined a growing number of companies in getting into the wide flat flame segment of…

Caseti BigFlat

Sometimes a cigar or accessory will have a name you have to do some research on, and then there are times when a company comes…

Porsche Design Spacecraft

The Porsche Design Spacecraft may not be from the outer reaches of the universe, but it does add a new dimension to the flat flame segment of cigar lighters.

Vertigo Zephyr

If you stay up on developments in the cigar lighter world, or if you’ve gone lighter shopping recently, you’ve undoubtedly seen a steady increase in…