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FDA Center for Tobacco Products

CAA, PCA Ask OMB to Stop FDA’s Proposed Flavored Cigar Ban

Earlier this week, the two groups met with government officials regarding the upcoming flavored cigar ban.

Biden White House Announces New Anti-Tobacco Measures as Part of Cancer Moonshot Program

While there are no major policy changes, these announcement serve as a reminder that the Biden White House supports FDA’s plans to ban the sales of flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes.

Biden Administration Opposes Preventing FDA From Banning Flavored Cigars, Menthol Cigarettes

The White House says Joe Biden would veto a proposal from House Republicans that would prevent FDA from banning flavored cigars and menthol cigarettes.

House Oversight Committee Investigating FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products

The House Oversight Committee is asking for documents regarding how the agency operates while also airing out some grievances the vaping industry has with FDA. Cigars do not appear to be a focus for the committee.

FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products Responds to Reagan-Udall Foundation Report, Announces Plans for New Transparency & Policy Units

After public missteps surrounding Juul, the Reagan-Udall Foundation was tasked with reviewing how FDA’s Center for Tobacco Products was doing. It issued a report in December outlining some changes, today, the agency has responded in detail about how it plans on making some of those changes.

Reagan-Udall Foundation Publishes Review of FDA’s Tobacco Regulations

The Reagan-Udall Foundation’s report is critical of FDA’s leadership, transparency and inability to act quickly. While cigars are barely mentioned in the report, there are some parts of this that could impact the regulation of cigars in the future.

Premium Cigar Association Meets With Dr. Brian King, New FDA CTP Director

PCA’s meeting comes while the industry awaits whether FDA will still regulate “premium cigars.”