Fausto FT114

Tatuaje Limited Series Fausto FT114

Last March, Pete Johnson released the first versions of the cigar that is believed to be the closet to his legendary T110—the Fausto F114. A...
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IPCPR 2012: Tatuaje & L’Atelier Imports

Pete Johnson sat down with halfwheel and talked a lot, and about all sorts of things—including the upcoming 10 year anniversary of Tatuaje. He also...
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Weekly News (March 19, 2012)

Editor’s Note: And so it begins. The discussion over IPCPR media memberships, i.e. bloggers going to the trade show, started once again. David Jones of...
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News: Tatuaje Debuts Limited Series Fausto FT114

Pete Johnson of Tatuaje showed off the Tatuaje Limited Series at Federal Cigar’s 91st Anniversary celebration this past weekend. Originally announced as an April 1...
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Weekly News (February 6, 2012)

Editor’s Note: This one is pretty simple. There are some technical issues plaguing the site currently. We know of two somewhat major issues. First and...
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