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Falto Cigars

PCA 2023: Falto Cigars

Last year Falto Cigars did not have anything new at the show, but this year, a limited edition made its debut.

PCA 2022: Falto Cigars

Falto Cigars had a new booth but no new cigars this year at PCA 2022.

PCA 2022: A List of Companies With No New Products

You’ve read about plenty of companies introducing new products at the 2022 PCA Convention & Trade Show, but not everyone is introducing new items.

IPCPR 2019: Falto

Luis Falto didn’t roll out any new cigars at IPCPR Convention & Trade Show this year, but he’s got a number of projects in the…

IPCPR 2018: Falto Cigars

Luis J. Falto’s new cigar for 2018 came back in April by way of the LJF Reserva del Fundador, his first box-pressed cigar created for…

Falto Cigars Adding LJF Reserva del Fundador

A 23rd anniversary isn’t generally cause for a huge celebration, but for Tabacalera Falto, it is cause for a new cigar. Luis J. Falto has…

IPCPR 2017: Tabacalera Falto

Tabacalera Falto was one of the companies that didn’t bring any new product to this year’s trade show, choosing instead to focus on existing products,…

IPCPR 2016: Falto Cigars

On a major lane in the middle of the floor, Falto Cigars has a fairly extensive booth that included both frosted glass and extremely comfortable carpet, along…

Portraits: Luis Falto

There aren’t a whole lot of people that entered the cigar business in 1995 that are still around. It’s not that 20 years in the…