Fabrica Oveja Negra

Black Works Killer Bee Connecticut Heads to Retailers

The Killer Bee Connecticut, a new limited production from Black Works Studio is on its way to retailers. The cigar, a 4 1/2 x 46...
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Black Label Trading Co. Ships Santa Muerte

Black Label Trading Co. has begun shipping on the latest installment of its annual Santa Muerte line, and as in years past, it’s a limited...
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Emilio Grimalkin Halloween Edition Heading to Retail

Emilio Cigars has a new cigar en route to retailers in celebration of the upcoming Halloween festivities, the aptly named Grimalkin Halloween Edition. The cigar...
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BLK WKS Boondock Saint 2018 En Route to Retailers

The second release of the BLK WKS Boondock Saint from Black Works Studio will be heading to retailers this week. The cigar, which debuted in...
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Leaf by James

In recent memory, there are few cigar lines that have gained the seemingly near-instant notoriety of the Leaf by Oscar. The cigar went from being...
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Nomad Ships Signature Series

Two years ago, Nomad Cigar Co. announced that it would be releasing a line called Signature Series, now it’s finally heading to stores. Signature Series...
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Black Label Trading Co. Releases Morphine 5th Anniversary

Black Label Trading Co. has begun shipping the fifth anniversary of its limited edition Morphine release, and this year’s version not only comes in three...
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IPCPR 2018: Leaf by Oscar

The beach-themed vibe at “Island” Jim Robinson’s booth was off to a strong start on Saturday morning, with bags of the signature yellow sunglasses on...
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Black Works Studio Announces Yellow Jacket for IPCPR 2018

Black Works Studio will add to its growing families of Hymenoptera-themed releases. That’s the name of the scientific order that includes wasps, bees, hornets and ants...
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Emilio Grimalkin Robusto (2018)

In 2011, Emilio Cigars released a Nicaraguan puro produced at the My Fathers Cigars S.A. factory named Grimalkin, after an archaic term for an old, gray, female cat. Unfortunately,...
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Black Label Trading Co. Ligero Hawaii Heads to R. Field Wine Co.

Black Label Trading Co. is sending a new store exclusive, the Ligero Hawaii,  to R. Field Wine Co. in Hawaii next month. It’s a 5...
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