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Estelí Cigars S.A.

Karen Berger Adds Two New Vitolas to Core Blends

The two vitolas are a box-pressed 6 x 60 and a 6 x 52 pyramid.

K by Karen Berger Now Shipping K-Fire

The name of the new cigar refers to the temperature of 150 degrees, which is the temperature that pilónes of tobacco can reach while the tobacco is being processed.

Fratello Camo Nicaragua Bundles Begin Shipping

While these might look similar to the existing Fratello Camo series, these cigars are made in a different country and offered in different sizes.

Karen Berger Cigars Shipping Tailgate Next Month

The new line will be packaged in a box designed to look like a classic truck, with the tailgate portion opening downwards to give access to the cigars inside.

Fratello Camo Nicaragua Debuting at TPE 2023

Fratello is expanding its Camo series of bundle cigars by adding two new sizes to each line. In a very unique move, the two new sizes will be made at a different factory than the original two sizes.

Manuel Rubio Appointed Head of Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco

The Cámara Nicaragüense de Tabacaleros (Nicaraguan Chamber of Tobacco) has announced the election of its new board of directors, which will serve in their roles…

K by Karen Berger Cameroon Robusto

Welcome to the latest installment of what happens when Cameroon wrapper goes to a Nicaraguan cigar factory. I’m always hesitant to call much of anything…