Elie Bleu

$50,000 Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchill Humidor Arrives in Stores

One of the most expensive cigars of all time is arriving in stores. Last year, Habanos S.A. showed off the Romeo y Julieta Grand Churchill,...
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Elie Bleu Double Blade Cigar Cutter

Founded in 1976 by Alain Berda, Elie Bleu is well known for its amazing creations in the humidor market, including the $200,000 Cohiba 50 Aniversario humidor,...
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Elie Bleu J-12 Plano Flat Flame Lighter

For the bulk of its 42-year history, the name Elie Bleu was familiar with a singular thing in the world of cigars: high-end humidors. While...
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Elie Bleu F-1 Wide Flame Flint Lighter

Say the name Elie Bleu to a cigar smoker, and it would be a fair bet to say that one thing comes to mind: luxurious...
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IPCPR 2018: Elie Bleu

Elie Bleu is one of my favorite booths to visit, though writing about the company is a bit more tedious than most. This year the...
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IPCPR 2017: Elie Bleu

I love going to the Elie Bleu booth, I hate covering it. There’s a lot of fun fawning over the new products from the iconic...
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Lotus International Changes Name to Rëyns International

Lotus International, the former U.S. distributor for S.T.Dupont and the new distributor for Elie Bleu, has announced that has changed its name to Rëyns International....
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Weekly News (April 11, 2016)

Cigar News A.J. Fernandez Releases Last Call Black Label Trading Co.’s Morphine Returns in June Cornelius & Anthony Ships Daddy Mac CroMagnon Firecracker Heading to...
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Lotus International Becomes U.S. Distributor for Elie Bleu

Lotus International has announced that it the new U.S. distributor for Elie Bleu, the famed French humidor maker. “The Elie Bleu artisans have incredible technique...
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IPCPR 2015: Elie Bleu

If you need a stunning desktop humidor, Elie Bleu is probably the best place to start. While “affordability” is not really a word that should...
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Cohiba Behike (2006)

In 2006, Cohiba celebrated its 40th anniversary. Like in 1996 (Cohiba 30 Aniversario Humidor & Jar) and 2001 (Cohiba 35 Aniversario Humidor), Corporación Habanos marked...
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