Eladio Diaz

Freud Cigar Co. Announces AlterEgo

After producing a limited edition with Eladio Díaz, Freud Cigar Co. returns to the Dominican cigar maker for a regular production line.

Graded: Ten Questions for 2022

It’s time to see just how clear Charlie Minato’s crystal ball was when it came to looking ahead to 2022.

SP1014 Black Debuting in January

The new SP1014 Black is being made by Eladio Diaz and features seven tobaccos in its blend.

Davidoff The Master Selection Series 2014

Davidoff’s The Master Selection Series, which gets its blends from cigars created by Eladio Díaz for his birthday, added two new releases this year.

Freud Cigar Co. Ships Agape

The Dominican puro features seven types of tobacco.

Davidoff The Master Selection 2014 Set for Sept. 1 Release

The line of cigars that have roots in Eladio Diaz’s birthday cigars is getting a seventh installment this week.

PCA 2022: Freud Cigar Co.

Freud Cigar Co. made its PCA Convention & Trade Show debut with its core line, a limited edition and plans for more cigars in the fall.

Freud Cigar Co. Releases Details on Agape Limited Edition

We now know more about the first limited edition from Freud Cigar Co., which is being made by Eladio Diaz.

Freud Cigar Co. Announces Limited Edition Made by Eladio Diaz

Freud Cigar Co. has announced its second cigar release, a limited edition that is being made by Eladio Diaz, who was  previously the supervisor of…

Ten Questions for 2022

There are a handful of halfwheel traditions, none of them have a longer history than this one. Ten Questions started before halfwheel under a simple premise: what were…

Eladio Diaz Opening His Own Factory

Eladio Diaz, one of the key people responsible for the production of modern Davidoff cigars, is opening his own factory. Diaz hopes to have Tabacalera…