El Rey del Mundo

El Rey del Mundo Joins The Forged Cigar Company Portfolio

The El Rey del Mundo brand is being added to the portfolio of Forged Cigar Company, the recently launched independent national cigar distribution network that...
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El Rey del Mundo Taínos (ER Formosa 2018)

Habanos S.A.’s Edición Regional series has included exclusive releases for specific countries, regions of the world and even distributor’s areas; however, one of the releases scheduled...
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El Rey del Mundo Kon Tiki (ER Los Andes 2017)

There have been over 150 Edición Regional releases from Habanos S.A., meaning that if you had to ask people to name the one that was...
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El Rey del Mundo La Reina, U.K. Regional, Expected in July (Update)

An upcoming Edición Regional for the United Kingdom will pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth II. The El Rey del Mundo La Reina, which translates to the...
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El Rey del Mundo Petit Cayo (ER Andorra 2018)

If you read the title of this review and thought to yourself, I have no idea where Andorra is, let me save you the search. It’s...
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El Rey del Mundo WIH 20 Nears Release in Lebanon

A new Edición Regional is about to his store shelves in Lebanon, as Phoenicia Trading A.A. has announced the upcoming release of the El Rey...
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El Rey del Mundo Petit Robustos (ER Spain 2015)

Late last year, a new Edición Regional arrived in Spain. In somewhat of a rare occurrence, this Edición Regional—the El Rey del Mundo Petit Robustos—actually...
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El Rey del Mundo Anniversario (ER Asia Pacific 2012)

In 2012, the distributor for Cuban cigars in the Asia Pacific region, Pacific Cigar Ltd, celebrated its 20th anniversary in business. To commemorate the occasion, Habanos...
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El Rey del Mundo Infantes (ER Cuba 2013)

For the second time in Habanos S.A.’s Edición Regional program, the company decided to release a cigar made just for sale on the island: the...
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Press Release: Habanos Presents El Rey del Mundo Infantes, the New Edición Regional for Cuba

June 25, 2013 (Havana, Cuba) — Habanos SA has introduced the new Edición Regional made ​​exclusively for the Cuban market this year. During the week of celebration...
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El Rey del Mundo Vikingos (ER Baltic 2007)

In 2005, Habanos S.A. introduced a new series of limited production releases that would eventually become to be known as Edición Regional (Regional Edition). The program...
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