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Edición Limitada

H. Upmann Magnum Finite, Ramón Allones Absolutos & Trinidad Cablidos Formally Announced as 2024 Edición Limitada Cigars

Sources have told halfwheel that these cigars were once targeted as 2022 Edición Limitada cigars, then 2023 Edición Limitada cigars. They will in fact be 2024 Edición Limitada cigars.

Bolívar Regentes Edición Limitada 2021 Debuts in London

After debuting at a launch event in London last week, the final 2021 Edición Limitada cigar is now on sale in the U.K.

Bolívar Regentes, a 2021 Edición Limitada, Debuting Next February

Hunters & Frankau announced that it will hold a launch event on Feb. 7, 2024 in London.

Habanos S.A. Selects Three Cigars for Edición Limitada 2023

H. Upmann, Ramón Allones and Trinidad have been selected for the 2023 class of Edición Limitada cigars.

Partagás Legado Edición Limitada 2020 Arrives in Spain

The Partagás Legado, the only Edición Limitada for 2020, is now available in Spain before heading to other markets around the world.

Habanos S.A. Announces Three Edición Limitada Releases for 2021

Habanos S.A. kicked off its virtual Festival del Habano—known as Habanos World Days—this morning with a host of new announcements, including the three Edición Limitada…

Ramón Allones No. 2 (EL 2019)

Amongst Habanos S.A.’s massive portfolio of Cuban cigars, there are various series that produce new, limited releases every year. The largest source of new releases…

Montecristo Supremos (EL 2019)

For as much as Cuba’s Habanos S.A. would like to be isolated from all non-Cuban cigar companies—and in many, if not most ways it is—one…

Ramón Allones Allones No.2 Edición Limitada 2019 Launching Next Month in the U.K. (Update)

The final Edición Limitada for 2019 will debut next month in the United Kingdom. Hunters & Frankau, the U.K.’s distributor of Cuban cigars, will launch…

Bolívar Soberanos (EL 2018)

On Nov. 19, 2018, Habanos S.A. formally debuted the second of what would eventually consist of three different Edición Limitada releases for 2018: the Bolívar…

Quai d’Orsay Senadores (EL 2019)

There are a number of brands in the Habanos S.A. portfolio that have fallen under the radar over the decades, and until recently, Quai d’Orsay would…