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Double Corona

OpusX The Great Smoke 2021

A limited edition of a limited edition produced for the United Arab Emirates unexpectedly showed up in a holiday sampler.

Davidoff Aniversario No. 1 Limited Edition Collection

The longest size of the Davidoff Aniversario line is back, at least for a limited time.

Casdagli 25th Aniversario

The 7 1/2 x 52 double corona was released to commemorate company founder Jeremy Casdagli’s 25 years in the cigar business.

Perez-Carrillo Allegiance Wingman

The Allegiance line marks the first time that an E.P. Carrillo-branded release has been produced at a factory of other than Tabacalera La Alianza S.A.

Hoyo de Monterrey Double Coronas Gran Reserva Cosecha 2013

Holy Grail Week 2023 starts with a large Hoyo de Monterrey made of tobacco from a harvest planted a decade ago.

Manolo Quesada 75th Anniversary Limited Edition

Manuel “Manolo” Quesada Jr. turned 75 years old in 2022, which calls for a new limited edition cigar.

Illusione of Excalibur #1

Dion Giolito of Illusione was given the opportunity to bring his blending skills to a brand he smoked during college before he was making his own cigars.

Mil Días Escogidos Edición Limitada 2021

There are many different sources of inspiration for new cigars. Few companies disclose those sources in as detailed a way as Crowned Heads does, and…

OpusX Rare Black Double Corona

When I was getting into cigar smoking, the name OpusX was seemingly one of, it not the holy grails of the regular cigar smoker. It…

AVO Improvisation LE21

There are some companies that can be penciled in for having new items on the annual cigar release calendar. For example, February typically brings a…