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Don Doroteo

PCA 2023: Don Doroteo

For its second year exhibiting at the PCA Convention & Trade Show, Don Doroteo introduced a new line named Salt of the Earth, made up of two different blends, both of which include Dominican Andullo tobaccos.

Don Doroteo’s Fulfillment Now Being Handled by Founders Cigar Co. as They Launch Founders Fulfillment

Don Doroteo’s cigars will now ship out of Founders’ Minneapolis, Minn. fulfillment center.

Don Doroteo Plans Salt of the Earth for PCA 2023

Salt of the Earth includes two blends that will use Dominican andullo tobaccos. The company says it’s not disclosing other details at this time in order to build anticipation for the cigars’ debuts next month.

Don Doroteo Names Garret Robinson VP of Sales

Robinson has previously worked as an independent cigars sales representative as well as a co-host of How Bout That Cigar.

PCA 2022: Don Doroteo

Juan Lugo is honoring the legacy of his grandfather Doroteo Delgado by co-founding a new cigar company named Don Doroteo, with cigars being produced by La Aurora.

Don Doroteo to Make Debut at PCA 2022

A grandson is honoring his grandfather’s legacy in the tobacco business with a new line of cigars.