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Diplomáticos Leal (ER Cuba 2021)

It’s time to see how the seventh cigar created just for Cuba is smoking.

Diplomáticos El Emisario Arriving at Swiss Stores on Feb. 6

The El Emisario will arrive at LCDHs on Feb. 6, while it will begin heading to other Swiss stores on Feb. 13.

Cuba Gets New Edición Regional with Diplomáticos Leal

The island gets its seventh Edición Regional release this month.

Diplomáticos PCC 30th Anniversary, Sancho Panza El Rey Released in Hong Kong

Cuban cigar pricing has reached the point that there’s now a Diplomáticos with an $84 suggested retail price.

Pacific Cigar Co. Gets Special Diplomáticos for 30th Anniversary

The Diplomáticos PCC 30th Anniversary Edición Regional Asia-Pacifico (2022) celebrates the Asian distributor’s 30th anniversary. No word on pricing or when it will ship to stores.

Diplomáticos Colección Privada II Edición Regional Arrives in Spain

Spain’s 2020 Edición Regional release is now on sale. Tabacalera S.L.U., Spain’s distributor of Cuban cigars, has begun selling the Diplomáticos Colección Privada II Edición…

Diplomáticos Bushido (ER Asia Pacifico 2014)

Some of Habanos S.A.’s Edición Regional releases have no backstory and that’s fine. There are others that are incredibly interesting. One thing I’ve found as…

Diplomáticos El Diputado (ER Belux 2018)

Other than the usual and ongoing discussions about supply and what’s coming next, one of the more common conversations I have heard about trends with…

Diplomáticos El Diputado Arrives in Belgium and Luxembourg

Fans of Edición Regional have a new release to add to their list today, as the Diplomáticos El Diputado is set to hit store shelves…

Diplomáticos Norteños (ER Canadá 2018)

Habanos S.A.’s Edición Regional program isn’t known for being on-time, but there are some instances in which the cigars come out on schedule In September, Havana…