Oliva Serie V Melanio Edición Limitada 2019

In 2012, Oliva introduced a new line that had been in the works for a number of years, the Serie V Melanio. The new cigar was...
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Tatuaje Escasos Gran Tatuaje

It has been said that the only constant in life is change, and that is an accurate way to describe the newest line from Tatuaje...
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Illusione Singularé 2019 Seven Horns

This year, Illusione celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Epernay brand with a special cigar, but there was also another decade milestone for one of...
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Eiroa The First 20 Years Diadema

Smoking a cigar in the middle of January? That eight inch long one looks like a solid choice. That was my thought when I saw...
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God of Fire by Carlito Diademas 56

In early November 2017, a pair of new diademas from Prometheus began to arrive at retailers: the God of Fire by Carlito Diademas 56 and the...
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Oliva Serie V Diadema (2012)

The Oliva Serie V has been made in just about every size and shape: normal sizes, culebras, NUb, small diademas and yes, big diademas. In...
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Camacho American Barrel-Aged Perfecto Gordo

There’s little doubt Oettinger Davidoff AG’s Camacho brand has been on quite a run for the last three years. Ever since the company began the...
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Alec Bradley Fine & Rare Ta-25A (2014)

For the fourth year in a row Alec Bradley has shipped the Fine & Rare, this time with a new blend. Originally released in 2011, Fine...
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Oliva Serie V Maduro Diadema

Today’s review is the last in our event-only Oliva sampler series, the Oliva Serie V Maduro Diadema. Last July we announced the sampler that would...
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Oliva Atlantic Cigar 15th Aniversario Diadema (Prerelease)

Back in November of 2011, Atlantic Cigar released the first of what they announced would eventually be four different cigars from four different manufacturers to...
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Oliva Serie V Diadema (2012) (Prerelease)

In September of 2012 at the Inter-tabac 2012 trade show in Dortmund, Germany, Oliva brought two bundles of a new 9 x 52 Diadema in...
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