Cuban Embargo

New Travel Restrictions to Cuba Go Into Effect Tomorrow

In June, President Donald Trump announced he planned to restrict travel for Americans to Cuba as apart of an effort to weaken the Cuban government....
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What Do Trump’s Cuba Changes Mean for Cigars?

In short: nothing yet, but it’s still unknown. Today, President Donald Trump delivered a speech calling for a change on the U.S. government’s policy towards...
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Report: Trump Plans Major Restrictions on Cuba Travel

Editor’s Note: For more information about Trump’s new policy towards Cuba and how it affects cigars, click here. Tomorrow, President Donald Trump will announce his...
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Ask halfwheel: Where’s the Guide to the End of the Embargo?

Each Friday, starting today, we will tackle one question asked to us by readers in our new, very creatively named segment: Ask halfwheel. Up first is...
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U.S. Travelers Now Allowed $100 of Cuban Cigars

The importing of Cuban cigars to the U.S. is now legal, on a very small scale. Following a series of high level talks, the United...
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