Cuban Crafters

Davidoff Announces 18 New Exclusive Editions for 2020

Davidoff  has announced that it will be adding 18 cigars to its Exclusive Editions series in 2020, a collection that celebrates the anniversaries and other...
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In Memoriam: Kiki Berger

Earlier today, cigar industry veteran Enrique “Kiki” Berger passed away. Berger recently suffered a heart attack and complications from the event are said to be...
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Review: Tatuaje Tattoo

For those of you that don't know... For one of the first times that I can remember, a Limited Edition Tatuaje cigar was released with...
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Weekly News (January 17, 2011)

StogieReview decided that it would become the place to break all news regarding cigar shops closing up. First, Walt White informed us that Demuth Tobacco...
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State of the Brand: Tatuaje

It’s unlikely that there will be a day three installment of this one… but for now here is day two. Pete Johnson, owner of Tatuaje,...
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Weekly News (December 20, 2010)

Hmm… the news. On Wednesday, I broke some news regarding the second (and unreleased) batch of Nosotros, or Nosotros “seconds” as some like to refer...
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