Berger & Argenti Entubar Corona Macho (2017)

It has been the year of the comeback. A host of companies have begun releasing cigars from various moments of yesteryear, largely due to regulations brought...
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Debonaire Daybreak Corona

During the 2017 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Debonaire House showed off just one new release: the Debonaire Daybreak. The regular production brand is the third line...
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Plasencia Reserva Original Corona

A quick glance at the name of one of Plasencia’s newest releases may have you thinking of one of the handful of cigars to bear...
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Edition One Cloud Hopper No. 53

Tucked away inside the Warped Cigars booth during the 2017 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show was a brand new line started by owner Kyle Gellis...
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Oliva Gilberto Reserva Blanc Corona

Last year, Oliva announced it would be releasing a new line—its first since 2012—using the same moniker as one of the family’s ancestors, Facundo Oliva. Appropriately...
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Powstanie SBC 16

Last year, Powstanie introduced its most ambitious cigar to date. The brand is  owned by brothers Szczepankewicz—who also own the Deltona, Fla.-based retailer Cigar Hustler and...
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Gispert Intenso Corona

                       Collaboration has been the hottest buzz word in the cigar industry for the last couple...
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Archetype Initiation Corona

At the 2016 IPCPR Convention & Trade Show, Ventura Cigar Co., best known for its PSyKo SEVEN cigars, decided to branch off—in a big way. While the...
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Villa Sombra Mojitos

Just before the 2016 IPCPR Convention and Trade Show, Warped Cigars announced a new Connecticut shade wrapped cigar: Villa Sombra. This is the first Connecticut...
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Guáimaro Corona

Esteban Disla might be the most famous cigar factory manager. Disla is a co-owner of the Fabrica de Tabacos NicaSueño S.A. factory, which is best known for...
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El Primer Mundo 10th Anniversary Corona

This year marked the 10th year in business for El Primer Mundo, the Atlanta-based company owned by Sean Williams. As you might have guessed, he celebrated...
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